5 Remarkable Video Hosting Alternatives To YouTube

Video hosting is always a no-brainer.  Now that you've finished your video, you're going to put it on YouTube, right?

Are you sure that YouTube is the best video hosting platform to promote your new local business video?   That really depends on how you plan to use that video.

YouTube is generally the default video hosting platform for most video marketing novices, but there are lots of alternatives that might serve you just as well. 

video hosting on youtube

YouTube has its Pros and Cons:

  • YouTube is the king of online video hosting.  
  • It's free!
  • It's the world's second largest search engine and billions of people use it every day.  
  • Hosting your video there is a smart move.
  • YouTube displays ads next to, and sometimes over, your video.
  • You may unintentionally draw your viewers' attention to your competition.
  • You can't customize the video player with your brand.
  • If your video is public, you have very little control over who sees it or who may embed it on their website.

There are lots of options for business video hosting other than YouTube.

Here are five video hosting platforms I have used.  All of them offer, at least,  a free trial period so it's easy to check them out for yourself.

Video Hosting Sites That Will Also Get The Job Done

Vimeo PRO

Vimeo's reach is not as extensive as YouTube's but it has quietly established itself as the video hosting platform for business professionals.

At $199 annually, a Vimeo Pro account gives you HD quality video with unlimited bandwidth and time, customizable video player branding, outstanding analytics, and more control over how your video content is presented. 


Wistia has analytics that include a heat map for every viewer breaking down how much of your video they watched, what they skipped, or what they may have watched again.

No ads are displayed on your video content like they are on YouTube but you can still manage your advertising if you wish by using pre-rolls.

Wistia videos are integrated with Twitter so you can send your video to your Twitter feed with just a couple of clicks.

Personally, I like Wistia because I have total control over how to share my videos.


Viddler not only offers custom branding but also geo-filtering, so you can specify geographic locations or websites that are able to view your video.

You can also monetize videos through ads or selling access to premium content.

Viddler's analytics integrates with Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, and comScore.


Brightcove is really meant for mid-sized to large businesses. Starting at $99 a month, it is one of the most versatile video hosting platforms available.

You can easily add more than a dozen custom video players to your website, social media profiles, or mobile devices.

It's easy to monetize with your video content with pre, mid and post-rolls and you can seamlessly integrate with ad networks like Tremor Media and YuMe.


Vidyard has is popularly known as "YouTube For Business".  Here's why:

One problem YouTube has is that, you can embed your YouTube video on your website and a viewer can click through and end up on YouTube, leaving your website.

VidYard has solved that problem and offers everything YouTube does but without that annoying third-party portal linking.

Vidyard also includes real-time analytics which can be funneled to Eloqua, Hubspot or Marketo.


I know I said "5 Video Hosting Sites" but I just couldn't leave this one out. 

ViewBix isn't a video hosting site really but it enables you to enhance your video way beyond what YouTube offers. 

Right inside your video, you can add a call to action or any of the interactive apps embedded in the ViewBix player.

So you can host your video on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo Pro, or even a direct link to any MP4 file and ViewBix will wrap it in its player. 

So... Which Video Hosting Platform Is Best?

Ultimately, what it comes down to is which video hosting platform is best for you?  You need to consider your business goals and your budget.

These are not the only video hosting alternatives to YouTube. You might want to also do some research on DailyMotion, Ooyala, 23 Video, DaCast, or Kaltura.

Just keep in mind that, whichever video platform you choose; for whatever reason; you've already made the right decision to incorporate videos into your online marketing strategy.


Free Online Video Tools

Our Resource Guide shows you:

  • Where to get free use of video tools the pros use everyday!
  • How to produce professional looking videos in minutes with no editing experience.

And Now, You...

Video marketing is the thing now.  If you're trying to keep your small business competitive, then you can't afford to ignore it.  It's not as hard as it was - even two years ago - to produce quality video content.  You can hire a pro or learn to do it yourself.

If you have any questions, please ask by leaving a comment below.  I'd also be interested in hearing about any experience you've had with any of the platforms in this post.

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