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A No Brainer For Clients To Add Their Thoughts

The new testimonial system is amazing. The ease of sending links for clients to review is so beneficial. This feature makes it a no brainer for clients to add their thoughts on the service they receive. I also believe this makes the client understand how important their feedback is to us as they are becoming a part of our SHINE family. The testimonials add a community touch rather than a clinical feel.

Nicole DeWard SHINE Health & Wellness

Get Control Of Your Online Reviews

They Are A Resource You Can't Afford To Waste

Your customers write reviews about your company on Facebook, Google+, Yelp and numerous other places around the internet and you have no control over what they say. 

Some of these reviews might be good - some might be bad.  But you still have no control.

Even if your customers think they're helping you when you ask them for a review, there's a problem.

Here Is The HUGE PROBLEM You Face...

  • Most of your customers don't know how to write a good review - at least not one that is going to help convert new customers.
  • They want to say something nice about you, but they have no idea what to say.
  • Most of them end up writing the same type of short, nondescript review like:
  • The company was professional.
  • It's a great company.  I highly recommended them.
  • Love it!
Tom Herod

Most Testimonials Are Useless

Short, nondescript testimonials may be complimentary, but don't tell your prospective customers anything about why they should use your business.

Wouldn't You Much Rather Have Them Write Something Wonderful Like...

  • Nicole explained to me why I failed at every other attempt at dieting.  She gave me the confidence to make some life changing decisions.  I lost 20 pounds in my first 30 days!  Can't wait until next month.
  • Dr. Denton made me feel comfortable about my procedure and I no longer fear going to the dentist.  I never even felt the Novocaine injection.

These are great testimonials - written with rich detail - and have 2 important things in common:

  • First, they tell you a little bit about who the writer is and what type of problem (or issue) they had.  The writer (along with their problem) is someone with whom prospective customers will be able to identify.
  • Secondly, it specifically relates to how that problem (or issue) was overcome.  They came to you with a problem and you fixed it for them.

Great #testimonials can be the difference in converting visitors into customers.

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How Did We Get These People To Write Such Amazing Reviews?

Set It & Forget It Testimonials On Autopilot

Our Autopilot Testimonial Program (ATP) is a custom designed system we implement on your website to collect customer reviews on auto-pilot.  There are 4 steps required to launch ATP.

ATP Assessment

We make a list of the types of testimonials you need to promote the many facets of your business.

ATP Questions

We ask your clients questions that evoke responses that highlight those facets of your business.

ATP Framework

We install the ATP framework on your website.

ATP Launch

We collect amazing testimonials on autopilot.

Better Testimonials On Autopilot

How ATP Will Help Your Business

The BIG DIFFERENCE With ATP On Your Website

  • Those same customers will start writing great reviews that will help you convert new customers.
  • They will write valuable reviews because ATP prompts them and leads them in the direction of an amazing testimonial.
  • You will start to get amazing reviews that will tell the story of your business through the eyes of your customers.

One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.

Jim Rohn Success Magazine


After a prospective customer finds your business, most will look at your reviews next.  Isn't that what you do?  If your website has blaahh testimonials that don't really give visitors insight into how you can help them, they'll probably move on to the next guy.  If you think that better reviews and testimonials could help you get more customers and you want to know more (in detail) about how to have ATP implemented on your website, then you should contact me ASAP.