Facebook Ads Targeting: Surprise! It’s Not As Hard As You Think!

Facebook Ads Targeting

Lately, I've been getting questions from clients who are attempting to use Facebook Ads but not getting the results they expected.  So, I'm starting a series on Facebook Ads -- how to use them to get more leads, build brand awareness, and make more sales.  I'm starting with this intro to Facebook Ads targeting.  The goal is to make you a Facebook Ads rockstar by the end of the series. 

Facebook Ads targeting gives you the ability to create your advertisements with laser-like precision at particular audiences.

This means that you can ensure only people who are likely to want to buy from you will see your ads and that you aren’t wasting any of your budget on clicks that don’t end up converting.

Facebook, like many other social networks and advertising platforms, allows you to target your ads based on all the usual demographics such as age and gender. However, Facebook goes above and beyond by providing you with advanced tools to target people by a range of additional factors.

Consider some of these impressive options and build them into your own campaign…

Facebook Ads Targeting Basics

Facebook Ads Targeting

Facebook Ads allows you to target your audience based on a lot more metrics than just age and gender. You can also target based on location for instance, by selecting a location on a map and then deciding how far outside that location you want your marketing to spread.

Additionally, you can also target your audience based on their hobbies and interests – so that you could present your pool supplies ad to pool owners only or aromatherapy diffuser to essential oils fans for instance.

You can also look at your audience based on things like their likelihood of property ownership, thus ascertaining whether or not they’re likely to have a home with a pool.

Facebook Ads Advanced Filtering

Being able to select an audience by demographics is essential but Facebook ads targeting goes above and beyond by enabling you to filter your audience by excluding certain people in specified groups to improve your targeting. 

Sometimes you may want to run a Facebook Ads but not reach people who are already your customers. You can lower your CPC or CPA and reduce the amount of money you spend on wasted clicks by those excluding people through advanced filtering.

How Facebook Ads Remarketing Works

Facebook Ads Remarketing

Like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads also offers the handy ability to remarket. This means that you can show your ad to people after they've shown an interest in your product, but decided not to buy. 

If someone lingers on the checkout button and changes their mind for instance, you can later show them your ad at a time when they may be filling a little more impulsive.

When a visitor shows some interest and clicks on your ad, a coookie is added to their browser.  A code is then placed on the page that the user visits.  This triggers your ad to follow that visitor around the web; on social media and other websites they may visit.

Ever shop for a piece of furniture - decide not to buy - and start seeing sidebar ads for that exact piece of furniture?

That's not a coincidence -- that's remarketing!

It's not a coincidence you're seeing the same ad everywhere! That's #FacebookAds #Remarketing

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Facebook Ads Custom Audience

Facebook makes it easy to create your own custom audience.  You can create custom audiences from:

  • Contact list
  • Website visitors
  • App users
Create a Custom Audience from Your Contact List

You probably already have a list of customers, and a lot of them may be on Facebook.  You can create a custom audience by uploading that list and Facebook will match it against existing Facebook users to create a special audience for you. 

You can target ads to the audience you've created on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

Create a Custom Audience from Your Website Visitors

You can use a Facebook pixel to create an audience from people who have visited your website.

Create a Custom Audience from Your App Users

If you're using the Facebook SDK with your mobile app, you can also use it to create a custom audience.

And Now, You...

Of course, this is just an introduction and you need much more to become adept with Facebook Ads.  So come back next week and get some copywriting strategies to improve your Facebook Ads results.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask by leaving a comment below. 

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